Sleepless and Other Stories: David Chelsea's 24-Hour Comics

Acclaimed illustrator and graphic novelist David Chelsea offers up six strange 24-hour comics in one deluxe hardcover volume! Strictly following rules devised by Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics), Chelsea delivers six inspired improvisations--each drawn in a single day! This collection of Chelsea's work finds the creator stepping into his own surreal sequences, Snow Angel appearing in her first adventure, anthropomorphic romps, and the mystery of the Girl with the Keyhole Eyes! Enjoy Chelsea's witty pun play, hilarious literary allusions, and inventive scenarios! Foreword by journalist Richard Gehr (The Comics Journal, Rolling Stone)! Six 24-hour comics from creator David Chelsea: Snow Angel, Sleepless, I.D., Now Open the Box, The Girl with the Keyhole Eyes, and I Like to Riff.

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