Sky Sharks, Vol. 1

This is Sky Sharks! High-flying, high-octane, and high adventure in a 1940s where Hitler got his butt kicked to the curb before he could do jack! This is Sky Sharks! A hand-picked team of aerial experts for hire - but only to those in need. The team finds trouble right off the deck, though, when commander Frank Derringer accepts a food-shipment escort mission from top client Prince Ahmed. Thanks to Derringer's loose-cannon hot shot Jason Mars, the deal turns out to be more than they bargained for! The team must retreat from the Middle East and refuel at the worst possible supply point: the floating fortress known as War-Island! From the get-go, this gun-blazing action/adventure fills you full of daylight and makes the Rocketeer bust one from its awesomeness! The art is splendiforously rendered by the incomparable Fred "Gold Digger" Perry with a story woven from the threads of Amazing by Wes Hartman (Pirates vs. Ninjas, I Hunt Monsters)! Aim high and score a direct hit with Sky Sharks!