Skeleton Bay Detective Agency

Jake Allen, along with the sharpest investigative minds that Skeleton Bay High School has to offer, dedicate their lives to investigation of any and all manner of spooky going-ons in their sleepy little town. Despite no one believing them. Or any actual evidence of ghosts. But that all changes when, during a routine investigation, the gang stumbles upon Jake's Grandpa Max; a man presumed dead for years. In fact, Max's soul was torn out of his body, turned into a ghost, and imprisoned all those years ago. The kids free him, but in doing so let loose a hoard of ghouls on their sleepy little New England town. Now, it's up to the kids to fight these evils, recapture the ghosts, get Grandpa Max's body back, and save the day! Jen has piano lessons after school though, so she'll save the day Tuesdays and Thursdays after 4:30! Thanks for being flexible.