Show's End

"Outcasts. Rejects. Pariahs. Freaks. All are welcomed at Daxton Rickles' World Famous Circus of Oddities and Curiosities!" Mad Cave Studios brings you Show's End, the very first limited series by two of last year's talent contest winners. Written by Anthony Cleveland and illustrated by Jeferson Sadzinski, Show's End takes place in Georgia circa the late 1920s. Colorist Julian Gonzalez (Battlecats) and Letterer Justin Birch (Knights of the Golden Sun) round out the creative team who help bring to life the story of Loralye, a 12-year-old girl seeking refuge with a traveling freak show struggling to keep their spectacle and lives afloat. At first, Loralye is turned away by Ringmaster Daxton Rickles and his peculiar performers who quickly deemed her too "ordinary" to live among them. But what her newfound family is about to discover, is that Loralye is hiding a secret much more freakish than any of them could possibly imagine. A secret that will impact their family forever.

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