!"Sgt. Rambo RAGE Undercover COP" Vol. 18: Renegade SLASHER Outlaw Comics

A 1980s Action Films Parody. In 3077, as part of a new military training program, orphaned infants are selected at birth and raised as highly disciplined cops dedicated to a wholly military routine. They are trained in the deadly art of SAVATE to be ruthless obedient killers without any moral code of conduct, and any deemed physically or mentally unworthy are executed. Survivors of the training program are turned into impassive, dedicated crime fighting machines.
Sgt. Rage is a genetically engineered cop, designed with superior physical attributes and a complete lack of emotion except unparalleled aggression. Sgt. Rage has a muscular physique due to his time as a street cop in the Intergalactic Police Department and his intense training regimen. He has a high amount of strength and stamina. Sgt. Rage is an expert in surviving in any terrain against a large number of enemies due to his experiences in the REXOR 8 and Tannhäuser Gate. He is also an expert in guerrilla tactics, weapons, and French Kick boxing SAVATE. Sgt. Rage has light brown hair and blue eyes. His height is 5'11" .
In 3117, at the age of 40, Sgt. Rage is a Crime fighting-hardened veteran and the best cop of the original 3077 infants.