I was born in Tokyo, Japan. Because my father worked for a Japanese corporation abroad, my earliest education began in Greece, then moved on to Kuwait, Japan, then the United States. Sometimes I wonder if I were born with a paint brush in my fist. Other little children may have eaten crayons, but I understood what crayons were for, and instinctively used them as well as paint brushes all through grade school. With high hopes in 1990 I entered the University of Hawaii as an art major.

To my five year dismay, realism in art at the college was on the wane and abstract / conceptual art was in full swing. Nights I stayed up and painted in the empty art studios at UH until dawn, striving for excellence in contour, value, and color. 1995 marked my graduation with the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Aside from striving to perfect my craft in realism painting, I also have a passion for creating manga. After all, I was born in Japan, the land of manga. At an early age, I was exposed to great serialized manga publications such as "Urusei Yatsura", "Dragon Ball", "Akira", "City Hunter", "Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure", etc. I hope you like my manga.