Sector #1

In This Issue:

// Uncharted Waters // by Moray Rhoda (script) & Daniël Hugo (script, art)
High adventure on and under the seven seas. 
Captain Van Hunks is in a race against time to find the hidden continent of Urr and claim the treasure there before his deadly past catches up to him.
Uncharted Waters combines the mood of the supernatural with the spirit of adventure and the thrill of the high seas.

// The Illustrated Guide to the End of the World // 
by Diorgo Jonkers (script), Michael Smith (script, art) & Ian Wishart (script)
The end of everything. EVER.
Elizabeth, the mad faerie queen and her cohorts have had enough of the natural order of things and plan to end it all with a life-force sucking machine called Babylon. It's up to a resurrected dragon, an upset warrior queen, a world-displaced kid and the wise-cracking horseman Death to save the day.
But what exactly is written in that ancient, prophetic tome, "The Illustrated Guide To The End Of The World"?

// Katnipp //
by Nas Who (script) & Karl Mostert (art)
A complete story in 6 pages!
A lonely crossroads in the barely beating heart of nowhere. An atomic-powered knight in a rusted robot suit. A cute, starving animal. What happens when they collide?
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