Sean Forney- is a professional illustrator/comic book artist currently working on colors for a few comic projects to be announced soon. His recent color work can be seen in Marat Mychaels' Notti & Nyce and Blindside #2 (Contraband Comics), along with two covers for WarZone Girls #2 and #3 from Cyber Holdings, Inc. His pencil and ink work can be seen in Cut the Rope from Titan Publishing. A new issue of his creator-owned title Scarlet Huntress called Scarlet Huntress: Tales through Time was successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be released soon. Sean has also worked on Superbeasts (Mini Comics Included), Warlords of Wor (ManOrMonster? Studios), New-Gen New Dawn #4 (APNG Entertainment), Lego, Inc., Mice Templar Vol. 3: A Midwinter's Night Dream trade (Image), Grimm Fairy Tales, Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths and Legends, Grimm Fairy Tales Swimsuit Issue, Grimm Fairy Tales Annual 2012 (Zenescope). He also completed color work on My Adventures with Spider-Man by Marvel and Identity Direct. His pinup work can be seen in Moonstone's Voltron: United and Drawn, Image's Hack Slash: My First Maniac, Approbation's Chaos Campus and DC's Transmetropolitan Art Book. Sean co-created and illustrated Scarlet Huntress #1, Scarlet Huntress #2, Scarlet's Guide to Cryptids, and a children's book tie-in called Little Red Riding Hood: Origins of a Huntress. See more of Sean's work on the web and request commissions at and