Sean Dietrich is a huge, festering, untamed talent. As one of the world's hardest working live painters, Dietrich has lashed his paint, pain and egomaniacal perspective across the faces of thousands of helpless canvasses during more than 1200 live events earning him over 70 art awards. In 2011, the artist completed a 20,000 mile U.S. Live Art Tour, painting at major amphitheaters across the country, while today's top DJ's spun, including Steve Aoki, The Crystal Method and DJ Shadow. His published works include "industriacide," "Fervor," "Mess," "Catalepsy," "The Fruits of Our Labor," "I Brought the Gutter," and the upcoming book "The Nazi and the Rabbit," his most ambitious project to date. His weird artistic and literary productions have garnered comparisons to Ralph Steadman, Tim Burton, Hunter S. Thompson and Orson Welles. Dietrich's Jameson-bred talent has infected the graphic novel, comic, gaming and film industries, laying waste to each with nihilistic abandon.

You can find Dietrich live painting on a regular basis at clubs and events, in San Diego, L.A. and San Francisco. This summer will find the artist on tour again at major electronic music shows, comic conventions, and nightclubs across the U.S., as well as any back alley, loading dock, and sidewalk that will have him.