Satan's Powder Room

DISCLAIMER: GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Satan's Powder Room contains horrific humor in the classic pulp comics tradition, and enough sex, sleaze and sadism to corrupt modern minds. Reader discretion is advised.
Welcome to Selected Readings From Satan's Powder Room. The premiere issue of this twisted horror anthology delivers three tales of terror by acclaimed horror author Robert Steven Rhine (My Brain Escapes Me). In the first leg of the trilogy, "Spare Parts," illustrated by John (Planetary, Captain America) Cassaday, a lonely embalmer enjoys a morbid hobby. Next, you're invited to "The Symposium," illustrated by Frank Forte (Vampire Verses), where intellectual vampires dine with the world's most fertile minds. And finally, we sew things up with "The Tattoo Artist," illustrated by Rich Longmore (Iron Guns) about a frustrated tattoo artist who gets his first art exhibit, after reclaiming his life's work.