Satan Gone Wild

DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality gore sadistic violence
NOTE: This comic is for adult viewers only, due to sexual content and nudity. A joint production between Asylum and FrankenRhine Productions, Satan Gone Wild #1 is written by Rhine and illustrated by Hilary Barta (Hellboy Jr., Tomorrow Stories' "Splash Brannigan"), Steve Mannion (Batman), Nenad Gucunja, Kevin Colden (House of Twelve), and Hex's Frank Forte, who also supplies the issue's cover. Inside, readers are invited to party in the Big Sleazy for Mardi-Gross madness! Satan Gone Wild #1 features a terrifying gumbo of mayhem, horror, humor, and all that jazz -- zombies, serial killers, reality shows, voodoo, vanity, and toxic tennis shoes corrupt this 40-page, black-and-white issue for mature readers! In the first story, "Live Nudes," two rowdy college buddies explore the underbelly of Naw'lins and wind up gutted; in "Eat Me," two reality show producers give the pitch of their life...or is it death? Next, in "The Fungus Among Us," a boy's moldy tennis shoes turn into a nightmare for his family, while in "Skinned Deep," a decrepit old woman longs for firmer flesh and finds it on the jogging path...literally; and a noir horror story entitled "Private I" concludes this can't-miss title!