Vahn is a warrior of mixed heritage, 3/4 Demon and 1/4 Human, which often leads him to be looked down upon by both Humans and Demons. As a child, he is orphaned after his hometown, Moonvale, is destroyed by a mysterious Demon. Vahn will grow up training rigorously in hopes of one day avenging those slaughtered in the Moonvale massacre. Vahn's focus does shift after meeting a female warrior by the name of Sylvia. Unlike many other Humans, Sylvia is intrigued by Vahn's mixed heritage. Sylvia also feels a level of warmth and empathy in Vahn that she has not felt in any other Demon which she has encountered. During his time in Blackoak, Vahn develops a close bond with Sylvia that eventually leads to a relationship. Forgetting about the mysterious Demon, Vahn finds a sense of peace that he has not experienced since childhood. However, this peace is shattered when Vahn is cast off from Blackoak after he is accused of attacking Blackoak by Sherwood, captain of the village's knights. Forced to leave the life he built and the woman he loves, Vahn sets out in search of a way to free himself of the curse that has plagued him throughout his life. Vahn will also turn his attention back to the mysterious Demon, vowing to reclaim the honor of Moonvale.