Marine salvage for things that go bump in the deep blue sea. Salvage is a fantasy-thriller with lots of cool shipboard stuff, guys with guns, commercial diving, weird things happening in the abyss, and one seriously badass toymaker. Based on the novel, Salvage (Masque Books, 2013), Salvage specialist Captain Jayson Wilraven finds his life and the lives of his crew in peril when a strange charterer wants a mysterious sunken vessel hidden, not raised-and sends armed mercenaries to make sure his orders are followed. Meanwhile, Jon Andreden's trial of an underwater smart machine is disrupted by a weird organic submersible. His life is soon turned dangerously upside down when he meets its creator, the beautiful Laeina, who recruits him to help find her missing sister. The parallel adventures lead to an underworld of people who live in the sea-the seaborn- as well as secret naval projects, a ship-sinking monster, and the first rumblings of a war of immortals over control of human civilization.