Sage Escape: Mars Gambit

The year 3042. The biggest military provider in the universe, FRIENDLY CORP, is wiping out human colonies and claiming their land. This news never reaches the general alien and human public, keeping them unaware of the growing menace. But a single teenage girl, SAGE, has survived one of the massacres. And she's not quite human anymore! This collected edition of the space opera features the Mars Gambit miniseries, plus the first ever Sage Escape story, Escape From Earth.

"Damian's love of sci-fi is clear. Here is a universe that is completely original, yet familiar by reference. There's a bit of Star Wars and Star Trek, Robocop and Total Recall. The human cultures of the future take today's society and politics into consideration while flipping the coin on what life in the next millennia could be."
Dan Ashley,

"Mars Gambit #3 is very strong in that it introduces interesting new characters."
John Newby,

"I definitely encourage you to read this issue (if you haven't already) but be prepared, because it doesn't end like you think it will."
Christine Wagenheim,

"Great graphic novel. Fast-paced with great characters. I look forward to more."
Goodreads Giveaways Winner