AN UNLIKELY PAIR OF SUPERHEROES! A unique comic hero series perfect for new fans and longtime readers alike, SPiN is a comic unlike any other! Lucas Spinner is a typical middle schooler hanging out with his best friend Mikki when an accident leaves him paralyzed and in a wheelchair! But Lucas, with his never ending positive spirit, and his best friend Mikki with her science and technology gifts, turn his wheelchair into the ultimate crime fighting, mystery solving machine! Ride along as they tackle adapting his chair, testing equipment, and fending off the Rolling Rock Middle School bullies, Jake Masher and Bradley Lackey. Written by Nate Sparks and illustrated by Zul Helmi, SPiN begins the saga of Lucas Spinner and Mikki Sanjuhasti while setting the stage for this positive, diverse, and supportive series filled with humor, mystery, and action. Sometimes, the most amazing things happen by...accident!