Russell Nohelty has written a little of everything in his life; movies, series, web content, articles, and nearly anything where the pen can conquer the sword -- along with many where it couldn't.

Russell founded Wannabe Press in 2014 after he got sick of the publishing bureaucracy.

After yet another delay from yet another publisher, he bought back all the rights to all of his properties and vowed to do it himself from then on out.

He set up a Kickstarter and successfully funded ICHABOD JONES:MONSTER HUNTER to 150% of its goal. Along with a reprint of his first novel Gumshoes and two other properties, Ichabod made up the January 2015 launch lineup of Wannabe Press.

He started writing because the voices in his head needed to live on their own. He set up condos for them in the various worlds of my imaginary universes, and he'll continue to do so as long as he's able. The fact there are other people who like what he has to say is unbelievable to him. He truly cherishes every one of his fans.