Rubbers is a sci-fi, action-adventure about a humanoid eraser named "Rubberman," and his beloved (and blind) eraser girlfriend "Clara." While they fall deeply in love, issues quickly escalate when Rubberman responds inelegantly to Clara having clairaudient relations with Rubbermen from alternate realities. When she's lured to another dimension by a successful, hipster, eraser-man named "Rudolph," Rubberman vows to retrieve her. To track them down he has to kill myriad versions of himself along the way. Through his path of (self)destruction he garners the aid and/or interest of his best friend and one-winged bartender "Wingman," a demented particle physicist, a handful of brazen and drunken "Barflies" and a couple of suspicious F.B.I. Agents. To find Clara, they must all embark on a ribald, darkly comedic, cross-dimensional, murder spree aboard Wingman's retrofitted 747 airplane/bar. As they eliminate Clara's many suitors they eventually find Rudolph who reveals his ominous meddlings with monstrous forces of nature, gentrification being the least daunting. A a final, epic battle ensues that may consume all of existence within this spellbinding tale for lovers of comedy, lovers of science fiction, lovers of revenge, lovers of love, and lovesick drunks.

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