RIDERS reinvents the Japanese tokusatsu genre as a violent, dystopian, Verhoeven-esque social satire. In the near future, a revitalized, remilitarized Japan has become a new world power, bringing its unique corporatocracy to the rest of Asia by force. Its citizens revel in apathy, distracted by an endless supply of disposable gadgets and entertainment churned out by the nation's corporations. However, not all are so complacent. An underground group of scientists and radicals has developed a series of cybernetic components that pushes the human body to its limits, creating a one-man weapon that is the only thing powerful enough to stand up to the corporate machinery controlling their lives. Recognizing the need to for a symbol for the rest of Japan to rally around, each person that volunteers to fight is outfitted to resemble the stylings of classic superhero TV shows, albeit with a DIY, militaristic twist, like Kamen Rider by way of the Black Panthers.