Rich "R.G." Valerius fascination of the odd and macabre started in his youth with his inexplicable affection for the classic Universal Studio's horror icons. The allure of these smoked fill stages and atmospheric alleys would only grow and expand. By the mid-90's it was not uncommon for him to frivolously discard any amount of petty cash he could collect by any means towards his collection of classic films and comic books. It has long been rumored that Rich has seen every Noir film that has ever completed production. This rumor is not true, but he is still working towards it and regularly finds exultation in the procurement of some of the more obscure catalog titles. It is one of his great regrets in life that he will never see London After Midnight. He has lived something of a nomadic life and it was during his time at Missouri State University which he met his once and future writing partner, Cody Walker. This piece represents the first tangible step in realizing their collaborative writing aspirations. This step, however, was preceded by many steps, occasional missteps and frustrations, and the seeds for countless stories not yet told. Rich currently resides outside the Nation Capital and, when not manically authoring numerous fables of varying tone and quality, works in support of the Federal Government.