Return of the Super Pimps

During the 1970s, The Hood was the place to be. Its streets were safe, Soul music filled the air, and every neighbor was Black and proud, all thanks to their local protectors, The Super Pimps: Backbeard! Foxy Mama! Homeboy! Ghetto Blaster! Sidekick! Together, these Urban Revengers abandoned their previous careers as hustlers and hookers and delivered justice with a strut against their arch-nemesis, Darquefire. But that all changed on one night in 1979... and the Super Pimps were no more. Now, decades later, The Hood is a different place. Liquor stores and porn shops occupy old libraries and theaters. Brothers kill Brothers. And the Super Pimps have faded into nothing more than a myth used to frighten ghetto children. But one man remembers the truth. Detective Jackson Maple still believes in his childhood heroes and sets out to reunite the Super Pimps, just as a familiar evil returns to The Hood. For, in times of great peril, there is only one thing to do: Dial "P"... for Pimp!