Requiem Vampire Knight Vol. 10: Blood Bath

A survivor of Hiroshima, Vampire Knight Dragon has allied with the Pirate Ghouls to seek and destroy the Vampire responsible for nuking his country.

While the Pirates battle the Vampires in the coup against Dracula, Dragon and Requiem engage in an epic battle, but according to their mentors, Cryptos and Tengu, they're doing it all wrong.

Requiem and Dragon stand aside for the juvenile demented masters to show their prowess in battle. Alas, before they can really teach the oldsters how it's done, it's time for their bottle (Squeezed ghoul's gonad juice mixed with a little sulphur and brimstone for Cryptos, rabid werewolf saliva with milk from a lactating leper for Tengu). Then they must have their nap.

Meanwhile, the revolting Mitra is hungry for revenge in Dracula's throne room - will her gastric juices get their prize? What of Bathory, bathing in the blood of virgins while her husband fights in the skies above Necropolis? Look, never disturb a woman before she's finished her bath, okay?

There's so much more: Heavy Metal Pirates (Deaf metal from above!), the awakening of King Ruhtra of Dystopia, and Lady Claudia Demona, this time taking Torquemada for a ride...

More macabre, more gory, more insane than ever before, Blood Bath turns the thrills up to eleven and delivers page after page of retina-detaching artwork.

You haven't lived until you've died!
Written by

Pat Mills

Action/Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gore Graphic Novels Horror Supernatural/Occult Vampires
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43 Pages

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August 2 2017

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17+ Only

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