In a forgotten corner of the old west, shadows lurk. Dead Driver and karl Kirkwood are two friends on the long and dusty pioneer road, hunting bounty, doing good. But what starts as just another adventure turns into a supernatural nightmare when a faustian deal is struck and a horrible, revenge fuelled spiral into madness unfolds. Scores will be settled, blood will be spilled, the evil of Reddin is nothing when measured by the evil in all men's hearts. Scroll down to start reading. "A satisfying, genre-mashing treat." ★★★★★ - Big Comic Page "Reddin is a comic that deserves your time. It is a gripping tale of brutality in the old west wrapped in a supernatural shroud of purest evil" 9/10 - Nerd Rock from the Sun "Reddin is a masterpiece just waiting to be discovered" - Bloodbath & Beyond "55 pages of full colour comicky goodness" - The Gosh Authority "Reddin is a clever mash-up of supernatural western with an intriguing and genuinely creepy villain." - David Michelinie, Marvel Comics, creator of Venom "Fitch, Baker and Boyle deliver a tale of revenge in a supernatural western that doesn't hold any punches" - Laurence Campbell, artist on Wolverine, Punisher and 2000AD

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