Red Ninja Momiji Vol. 1: Way of the Mercenary

The battle for the fate of a young girl has started.
And her life is in hands of one woman!
And no one will be able to stop her!

CARRIGAN CITY... a city controlled not by law or crime, but by immoral corporations that won´t stop at anything to get what they want. They use their own private armies of ruthless mercenaries to control the city and even the police.

When a young girl is the target of a violent group, she is saved by a mysterious young woman dressed in red with a flaming sword. But are her intentions noble or is there any other motive to risk her own life? Why is a private army after an apparently innocent and harmless girl?

Find it out in this new graphic novel full with action and adventure with the sexiest heroine ever!

Includes "Human Resources", a short story about job interviews going wrong in the violent world of corporations and mercenaries, where only the strongest will survive and get the contract!