Recollection is a brilliant psychological thriller, a story where reality and fantasy collide, leaving one woman’s life and sanity hanging in the balance. Skyler Jean, an exotic dancer with a haunted past that she has so far succeeded in blocking out. As we are allowed access into her intimate private world, her life is opened and exposed revealing the disparate worlds in which a single person lives. Leonard Jenkins is a man obsessed with Skyler, always there waiting and watching. As Skyler begins recalling the tragic events of her childhood, she believes Leonard is the man responsible. But is he? Eddie Lawrence is a contract killer with demons of his own. Haunted by visions of his time as a soldier and the terrible things he did, now hired by Skyler to exact her revenge against the man who molested her. Things aren’t always what they seem. In order to stay alive he must enter the mind of a depraved individual, track him down, piece together the puzzle and unraveling fact from fiction. Enter, Jim Starks, the mysterious underworld lawyer. Who is he and what’s his connection to Eddie Lawrence? Will the hunter become the hunted? Who will live, who will die? What secrets will be discovered? The lines between reality and fantasy blur as the story tumbles to its sense shattering, pulse pounding conclusion. When the dust finally settles you won’t believe your eyes! Recollection depicts life as it truly is, in all of its sheer rawness and complexity.