Ranger Dentface

Wandering in the mystical undead realm of the DownUnderworld, through the endless Australian outback desert, Oleo comes to a crossroads where his choices could change his fortunes forever, but he chooses poorly and is forced to wear a mark of shame, a horrid scar on his swollen chin. Now he must overcome his character flaws and bad habits to prove he is a hero and live the good life he thinks he deserves. 'Insanity peppers' and the 'Day of the Dead' collide in these chapters as they reveal a colourful world of zombies, demons, a giant yellow-bellied chicken and an almost-noble steed amongst a twisted landscape of Australiana. Also throw into the mix a beautiful yet cunning burlesque dancer, with struggles of her own as a single mother also trying to escape this realm of Limbo before the whole world comes crashing down around them all.

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