Raincoat Kids

"Take Shizu and meet Dad in Tokyo." A cryptic message scratched on the bottom of a lantern powered by mystical fireflies; a world of constant rain, and cities submerged in ever-changing tides; as dark forces linger in the murky waters, a warrior of light banishes the dark with his light-infused umbrella. Raincoat Kids is a tour-de-force coming-of-age story set in a post-apocalyptic water world, where protagonist Minato Aikawa must take his younger sister, Shizu, to meet with their father. Joining them is self-proclaimed bodyguard Toka, who brandishes an umbrella that he claims is the "ultimate weapon". The abstract world of Raincoat Kids is brought to you by Yoimachi Meme, and is presented using traditional pen-and-paper illustrative techniques without the use of digital touch-ups.