RC Young is the self-published comic book creator of "Witchman" a classic superhero story that is set in a medieval fantasy world where magic is power and evil comes in monstrous forms. "Witchman" has been RC's pet project since 2009. The 15 issue story arc is currently halfway through publication. RC has a background in 2D animation, having spent seven years in the TV and web industries in Los Angeles, working for such studios as Cartoon Network, Fox ADHD and on the infamous Mr. Pickles pilot for Adult Swim. Growing up she was very influenced by various forms of animation, from feature films to Saturday morning cartoons to anime. "Witchman" both in story form and artistic style is very much an accumulation of all that inspired her.
RC currently lives in her home city of Chicago with her scientist husband and baby daughter, working tirelessly on her comic whenever she can, as well as an exciting up-coming writing project. Her other hobbies include listening to symphonic metal, watching hockey, and playing board and table top games.

Comic Website: www.witchmancomic.com
Animation Portfolio Website: www.inneryoung.com