Prey For Angels

Paris, 1901. It is a city of possibility, a time of renewal. Science, technology and the arts converge with Parisian culture to ignite a golden age of prosperity, the likes of which never before seen. But when members of high society are found brutally murdered, with no discernible motive, paranoia and fear sweep through the city like wildfire. Theaters are closed, café’s are empty and the once vibrant metropolis is brought to its knees by this dark malevolence. It is in the midst of this shadowy existence that a young, brash detective, Thierry Bergeon, discovers an ominous link between the victims. His investigation ultimately ignites a chain of events that brings him face to face with an evil beyond understanding, beyond reason. With each new victim, Bergeon knows his only hope and perhaps the city’s salvation rests in the mind of one man. Now resigned to a quiet life on the outskirts of London, Inspector Thomas Shelby battles the demons of his past and the psychological scars from never solving a string of murders that rocked London thirteen years earlier. Bergeon, concluding the criminal mastermind behind the current murders is in fact the inspector’s old nemesis, Jack the Ripper, offers Shelby a shot at redemption. Battle-scarred and mentally fatigued, Shelby nonetheless agrees to join Bergeon in Paris, and they embark on a perilous hunt to uncover the origin of the killer before he strikes again. However, the hunters become the hunted once they undercover the identity of the killer, a truth beyond reason, beyond the realm of the living. In this nexus between mortality and eternal life, Bergeon and Shelby will find the true nature of evil and potentially unravel one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

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