Power Broker

In the futuristic city of Potentia, genetic super-manipulation through programmable biology has become the next big industry. Super powers are dispensed at high-end power brokerages serving their ultra-rich clientele, but for the average person, there are seedy underworld knockoffs administered in bargain basement "chop shops", which often result in horrible mutations and death: you get what you pay for. Criminal Power Jackers obtain these illicit powers to further their nefarious ends. To police the omnipresent threat, a new government agency is created, The Central Brokering Agency (CBA), whose Agents, or Power Brokers, are endowed with a crack assortment of super powers themselves. Power Brokers hunt Power Jackers, illegal chop shop operators, and serve the general populace of Potentia. Mason Cleaver and Kira Bedford are two such CBA Power Brokers and partners, true forces for justice. Both arrived at the Agency through personal tragedies involving super power, so both know the darker side of power brokering firsthand. When a Power Jacker is apprehended by Mason tearing a super-swath of destruction, his powers are revoked by activation of a CBA-issued Rescinder; a device that "shocks" a Jacker's genome back to normalcy, thereby revoking his super-powers. The Rescinder deploys a genetic block into a violator's chromosomes called a "chastity belt", preventing any future upgrade and effectively eliminating recidivism. When this Jacker is discovered to be a former super-powered violator whose powers were revoked and whose DNA was blocked by a past chastity belt application, the CBA realizes they have an unprecedented threat on their hands that could spell bedlam for Potentia: someone has learned to overwrite their foolproof chastity code trump card, creating an open season for criminal Power Jackers.