Featuring the work an all-star line-up that includes MIKE ALLRED, ERIK LARSEN, JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER, JIM MAHFOOD and more, POPGUN acts as the ultimate graphic mixtape by combining big name creators doing work fans never expected and an array of the industry's rising stars. The anthology crosses the protected borders of every genre, fulfilling the desires of anyone hungry for the pungent taste of creativity. MIKE ALLRED, CHUCK BB, MIKE BULLOCK, BENITO CERENO, DAVE CROSLAND, TOBY CYPRESS, BRANDON GRAHAM, SHEPHERD HENDRIX, JONATHAN HICKMAN, EVA HOPKINS, JOE KEATINGE, ERIK LARSEN, JASON LATOUR, COREY LEWIS, JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER, JIM MAHFOOD, DEREK McCULLOCH, CHRIS MORENO, MORITAT, KHARY RANDOLPH, RICK REMENDER, JAMIE S. RICH, MARK SABLE, TIM SEELEY, M. ZACHARY SHERMAN, MARK ANDREW SMITH, RICHARD STARKINGS, JAMES STOKOE, NICK STAKAL, DOUG WAGNER and more!