Picture This

"A 2019 MacArthur Fellow, Lynda Barry singlehandedly created a literary genre all her own: the graphic-memoir-how-to, otherwise known as the bestselling, the acclaimed, but most importantly, the adored and the inspirational What It Is. The R.R. Donelley and Eisner Award-winning book posed, explored and answered the question ""Do you think you can write?"" Now, with Picture This, Barry asks ""Why do we stop drawing?"" and ""Why do we start?"" It features the return of Barry's most beloved character, Marlys, and introduces a new one, the Nearsighted Monkey. Like What It Is, Picture This is an inspirational, take home extension of Barry's traveling, continually sold out, and sought after workshop, Writing The Unthinkable. Barry's workshop is also further explored in Making Comics, a hand-drawn syllabus, also available in ebook form! "

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