Phillip has taught at DJCAD since 2005. He is the Course Director for DJCAD's MSc Animation & Visualisation programme and the creator and Module Leader of the Comic Art & Graphic Novels Expansive Module.

Phillip has over 17 years experience in CG working as a 3D Animator and FMV Cutscene Producer.

Phillip has worked on high profile licenses such as Braveheart, Star Trek, Deathtrap Dungeon, Urban Chaos, Tom and Jerry, Teletubbies, and Wallace & Gromit, subsequently working as a cut-scene producer for Farscape™, a Jim Henson production. He also worked on Brave™ and the highly successful State of Emergency™ franchise. He also realised a lifelong ambition and worked with the creators of Judge Dredd on a video game project for Digital Animations.

Most recently he completed all of the animation and front-end work on Superman for DC Comics/Warner Bros, a No.1 selling App on iOS.

Phillip has also worked as a freelance animator.