It's not common that a formal education in the analysis of places and things blowing up has a practical application. Telikos Protocol, is a rare exception. He made the leap from academic writing and copywriting to screenwriting in mid-2008, developing his writing style using his Halo fan film Operation Chastity as a test bed.

From there, Peter was given the opportunity to write for sequential art by co-conspirator and illustrator Adam Burn, who had worked on Operation Chastity as a concept artist. Action is definitely Peter's strong point. Operation Chastity was proof of this, the quality of action seeping through even in the earliest of script drafts. When Adam presented him with concept art and a loose story idea, Peter was eager to take up the challenge, helping to shape the story and mould it into something as deep as its explosive.

In 2012, he and artist Adam Burn teamed up with Vanquish Interactive Publishing and together they launched the most successful new creator/new publisher comic book campaign in Kickstarter history raking in a whopping $50k in 30 days.