Director and animator.

Paulo José started in animation with Guy Lebrun. Paulo was responsible for assembling the Mauricio de Souza animation studio, where he encouraged and directed the 1st shorts and features of Turma da Mônica.

After animating the commercial with the characters "The Flintstones", he was invited by the vice president of Hanna & Barbera - Art Scott to work in his animation studios in Burbank, California.

Founded THALIA Movies with the dutch/american animator Hack Fick. THALIA was Brazil's first studio to produce for American studios and made episodes of the series The Snorks - for Hanna & Barbera, animation and direction and HAPPY LITTLE TOWN OF CLOWNS - for Marvel Comics, animation and direction.

In the 90 years Paul Jose created the successful character Sapo Xulé, which exists as toys, games and comics.

Recently he won the 1st MITV and made six episodes of the series `2.30 Sapo Xulé aired on network TV, then generated new licensing items such as vinyl doll, the collection of DVDbook, ring tones and children's supplement in the newspaper Destak.
The series participated in the Anima Mundi 2009, was Awarded by the Prix Jeunesse 2009, was Brazil's representative in Madrid at an event Talento Brasil, organized by APEX, and it was invited to Participate in the Children's Film Festival Seattle in January 2010.

In 2011 made a pilot of the series OLIGOQUE, winner of an edital of the Secretariat of Culture of the City of Sao Paulo.

Currently developing its own projects focusing on transmedia entertainment.