Director, Animator, Character Design, Screenwriter, Illustrator

Paulo José started in animation with Guy Lebrun.

Paulo was responsible for assembling the Mauricio de Souza animation studio, as animation director he encouraged and directed the 1st shorts and features of Turma da Monica. After animating a commercial with the character "The Flintstones", he was invited by the vice president of Hanna & Barbera - Art Scott to work in his animation studios in California. Then, back in Brazil, Paulo began his work as founder and director of Thalia Movies, Brazil's first studio to produce for American Studios as Hanna Barbera and Marvel Comics (1980's). Also, produced and created, during 8 years, a journal called Kidnews, focused on comics for kids.

More recently, Paulo won the 1st MITV (in 2006) and made six episodes of the series Sapo Xulé (in the 1990's Paulo licensed Sapo Xule as toys, games and comics). Sapo Xulé was awarded by the Pirx Jeunesse 2009, was Brazil's representative in Madrid (organized by APEX), and it was invited to participate in the Children's Film Festival Seattle in January 2010. Actually Paulo Jose is working on the pre-production of Sapo Xule feature film.

Paulo is creating solo an animation project called "Bingo the Ant ' Animated Strips", a Youtube Channel.

Paulo Jose screenplay's "Indiozinho Sem Nome" was chosen to get a consulting by Martin Sherman and David Seidler in Laboratório Novas Histórias - Programa SESC/SENAC de Desenvolvimento de Roteiros.