From a very early age Paul has been interested in comics, pretending to be Spiderman or some other superhero.

Growing up with Mark Millar (Wanted/Kick Ass) he started off drawing Marks first project but being young, impatient and silly walked away to chase a career in the police, which later became a reality. Paul served both as a Military Police Officer and Civilian Officer. Leaving the Police Service in 2010 to work in the Middle East as a dog handler in the private security industry and is now currently in Afghanistan.

Paul got back into the comic scene in 2008 when he started with a small 6 page project written by Martin Conaghan (Fallen Heroes), later lettering Martins Graphic Novel Burke and Hare. Paul is still working on lots of projects for various artists/writers, Barry Nugent, RH Stewart, Martin Hayes, Monty Borror, and Kaan Emirler to note but a few.

Paul was asked by Martin Conaghan (another school child friend) to step in and assist with lettering issue one of Fallen Heroes and has since been honoured with lettering the series along with three stories from Tales of the Fallen.....and is loving every minute, panel and page of it.