Patrick the Wolf Boy

Misunderstood by many but loved by his parents. AW YEAH COMICS presents...PATRICK THE WOLF BOY! The indie comic sensation that launched the careers of comic creators ART BALTAZAR and FRANCO! Patrick the Wolf Boy first published in 2000 is finally available here for the first time in digital format! Join us in this celebration as we welcome back our beloved wolf boy. Featuring Patrick, Patrick's parents, Li'l Neve, the squirrel, Zyggie the Alien Patrick, The Screaming Pajama Lady, The Bully, Li'l Squatch, and guest appearances by the Grimm Reaper! ALL 20 issues are here! ALL in one place! ALL from AW YEAH COMICS! Prepare for the HOWLING! HOOOOWWWWWWLLL!!! AW YEAH!
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