Paranoid Tales of Neurosis: The Comix Anthology

DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality
At long last I've dusted off the boxes in my basement, sifted through water-damaged college comics and even included some quality NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED tales of satire and horror from Paranoid Tales of Neurosis. Yes, you'll see our society's foibles in black and white, documented in stories and strips, then filtered through the most cynical, angry lens possible. TRAVEL! to a time when people did "bots" and Pearl Jam was still cool! REVISIT! the terrible 80′s, where everyone made 'zines instead of blogs! GAPE! as Joe "Casual" gets job after thankless job! SEE! Video producers turn into bat-winged harpies! SCOFF! at monkey-faced store clerks! REVILE! the antics of a man who just cannot stand Pink Floyd! SNEER! at the ramblings of power-tripping maniac! WITNESS! a school where clowns are turned into fast-food hucksters! GIGGLE! at home improvement for serial killers! VOMIT! as body parts are severed and arterial spray gushes on innocent bystanders! It's all here...! Superheroes that don't know right from wrong! Businessmen who think it's cool to speak loudly in a crowded room about a woman's tits! Rock promoters exposing Hollywood douchebags, thrash metal, Faces of Death, Gilligan's sex life, exploitation director Phil Cohen's latest travesty, commercials, murder, drug abuse, bondage, chickens attacking people, compact discs, gas station immolation and yes, SATAN himself... They all make an appearance in... Paranoid Tales of Neurosis: a demented rollercoaster of bad decisions, braindead zombies and terrible consequences. Get 112 pages of satirical madness for the ID in all of us, a place where EVERYONE is out to GET ME... I mean YOU!