A city is in turmoil as its citizens suffer hunger and destitution while a mysterious figure pulls the strings behind the scenes. Asim, a young boy in search of an identity and with a desire to help people, falls in with a group of welfare workers led by Saleh, a charismatic and mysterious leader. Though initially supportive of his charity work, Asim's friends Saad, Zara, and Irfan become concerned that their friend may have fallen in with the wrong people and begin to investigate the group that he has joined. Little does Asim know that Saleh's group is a cover for the machinations of the figure known only as "the Boss", who has set in motion a nefarious plan that will embroil the city in chaos. Can Irfan, Zara and Saad reach Asim in time and save him from becoming a pawn in the Boss's scheme?

Graphic Novels