Out of the Blue: A Collection of Strange Stories

Tired of the expected? Try something out of the blue!

Out of the Blue is an unusual assortment of thirteen strange stories that transcend the ordinary. Contributors include New York Times bestselling comic creators, winners of the Eisner and Ghastly awards, and more.

With over 100 peculiar pages of comics, artwork, and pin-ups, this collection of strange stories will entertain and engage fans of the weird and wonderful.

THREE SONS - When met with uncertainty from the allies he has agreed to aid in battle, Lord Alrek puts his three sons to an unusual test to prove his army's might. (Exner, Newbold, Baker, Simmons, DeBerry)

KREATOR - Ratok, a mad creator of robots and androids, locks himself in his castle as he rushes to finish his masterpiece before hostile forces put an end to him and his strange creation. (Della Verde, Carotti, Angelini)

SOUNDING THE DEEP - A group of teenagers fishing from a bridge tell stories about what could be causing the peculiar glow submersed deep in the river until one decides to find out for himself. (Alexander, Giar, Dollman)

IN HIS IMAGE - The origin of humanity's destructive nature is made clear in a disturbing story. (JE)

AS A FAMILY - When Jack returns home for his father's funeral, his sister Sarah reveals some strange and startling information regarding the cause of their father's death. (Moane, Witas, Dollman)

DEDDY BEAR - Something strange happens to America's favorite (recently cancelled) reality show family during a camping trip. (Corbitt, Jensen, Hislope, Myers)

THE WAIT - The odd tremors in the darkest parts of the ocean aren't what you think. (Adnams, Wood)

DELIVERIES - Packages must be delivered, regardless of weather conditions, temperature, or any other unusual circumstances. (Isenberg, Mertz, McComsey)

TIME MACHINE - A punk rock band uses truly bizarre methods attempting to win Battle of the Bands. (Schubert, Crawford)

HELPING HAND - A trucker decides to offer assistance to a driver with car problems, but the experience is anything but ordinary. (Barrows, Christmas, Jensen, Dollman)

DEMONIAC - John fights the strange things that go bump in the night as one of the world's last remaining exorcists. (Jarava, Bertolini, Wood, Myers)

THE DIGIT DEBACLE - Due to an unusual mix-up, relations between humans and an alien race go awry during a ceremony. (Gil, Antonio, Stone)

THERE - There is nothing normal about life in space, but maybe the lives we live on earth are truly more strange. (Moreno, Connelly)

PIN-UPS - Horror (Janet K. Lee) Mermaid (Lauren Ousley) Sleeping Beauty in Space (Cardenas)
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