Orlak: A Perfect 10

In a world of tomorrow too much like today, where man and machine co-exist in something less than harmony, and both are orchestrated by a shadow government... In the dark streets of a dystopian world, where the bright lights of the future have long been extinguished... In a teetering society built on the backs of the workers and underprivileged, there comes a man unlike any other. His name is Orlak. He has no memory of his past, no plan for his future. His hands have been replaced with robotic pretensions that can capture, caress or kill, of their own volition. He is a puzzle with ten missing pieces. Collecting the haunting series that appeared in the Caliber Press Anthology CALIBER PRESENTS and the one-shot ORLAK: FLESH AND STEEL, and was inspired by the Peter Lorre film "Mad Love" and the novel The Hands of Orlac, artist/creator Ken Holewczynski (Nosferatu; Mr. X; Beton Brut) and writer Rafael Nieves (Nosferatu; Hellstorm, Prince of Lies; Vampire: The Masquerade) take you on a sublime, harrowing journey of one man's struggle to find himself, before he can kill -- or be killed -- again.

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