Orisha EXOS

In the incredibly distant future, a new civilization has uprooted in the Sol System. A civilization that has been null of war for over 400 years. However, their time of peace was cut short by an adversary attempting to "reclaim" the Earth, now called Yoruba. To protect themselves, the Yorubans must now go back to the ways of war. Orisha Exos®™ takes place in the year 2650 a.d. 450 p.gp. The world isn't the same place that it once was 600+ plus years prior. The environment is different, as well as the eco-system. The people of Yoruba, are at peace now and technologically advanced. However, the ethnicities that once populated the blue planet are now more segregated than they were during the 20th and 21st centuries. Because during the Great Purge of 2200, certain people left the planet, a planet that had poisoned itself to get rid of us because of our destructive ways. They left those that they deemed impure, behind to fend for themselves.

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