Oneshi Press Comics Anthology Vol. 3: Winter 2018

The creator-owned, indie comics inside "Oneshi Press Anthology #03" will immerse you in richly imagined worlds, progressive plots, and gorgeous art. We're inviting you into them! Explore the dark past of feminist hero Tracy Queen and the political machinations faced by the vigilante dogs of the PACK, as written by Lynsey G. and illustrated by Jayel Draco! Witness the weirdness of the post apocalypse with Miguel Colón's "Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel"! Take a stroll on the supervillain side in "Trouble with a Capital T," written by Michael Norwitz and illustrated by "Kreepy" Kevin Sheely! Ponder paranoia in space in "Breaking Point," written by Christopher Matusiak and illustrated by Andre Short! And fast-forward to the far future in "Scripture," written by Brendan Rowe and illustrated by Tom Barton! With lettering by Cardinal Rae and Nikki Powers, and guest art from Akhilesh, yukidogzombie, and Xavier Hart, "Oneshi Press Anthology #03" will fulfill your wildest indie comics fantasies!
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