Oneshi Press Comics Anthology Vol. 08: Oneshi Press Comics Anthology Vol. 8: Summer 2019

Oneshi Press's eighth comics anthology explores trauma, healing, and redemption in fourteen short comics by twenty-four amazing indie creators! These 120 pages will make you maybe contemplate, probably cry...and definitely smile.

Wrapped in a beautiful cover by James Groeling, this anthology starts off with PJ Harper's multi-character introduction. Next, in V2.3 of the epic graphic novel, Tracy Queen learns about Nikola the racoon's past-and how he deals with his trauma. Next, follow teen rocker "Finn: Guardian of the Five Gates" into a realm where the mistakes of her parents mean only she can save the world...again. Then, the Zee Brothers face their fears when they set off to help a homeowner with a zombie infestation in "The Case of the Zombie Omelet," Part 2.

Float into a beautiful meditation about dissociation and identity in the haunting short comic, "Far Away." Then explore friendship's healing powers, whether real or imaginary, in "My Giant Strange Friend." Discover a redemptive graphic novel that transforms a chicken wrestler into a savior in the introduction to "Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter." And journey into a supportive yet dangerous adventure with a polyamorous trio in the first half of "Detour."

Next, enter a world where medicine, addiction, and blood have become complicated bedfellows in "Ziegler Box." Return to the vast fantasy universe of Children of Gaia with "Carrying Iron's" shady Terran underworld. Then, Oneshi Press debuts its Poets and Artists series as the haunting poem about grief and survival, "Lungs and the Ghosts of Lungs," becomes sequential art. In "A Tale of Good Intentions," a superhero realizes that trauma doesn't have a quick fix. Next, the first installment of "Quantum" finds a Northern Cheyenne woman grappling with a missing sister and newfound superpowers all at once. Finally, begin the third arc of PACK with the gentrification of these stray vigilantes' mean streets.

These pages are packed with beauty and redemption, and are sure to help you find your own!
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