"Omniscience" is a sci-fi graphic novel. Its story is set in a hypothetical future where augmented reality has invaded our daily lives, thanks to contact lenses superimposing virtual characters into reality. One of these characters, Ingeborg, is particularly popular: she is like a second mother for generations of children, devoted and insightful. She is, however, disavowed by more and more of her subscribers - authorities suspecting her of being more harmful than beneficial to their well-being. This is what two teenagers are going to discover when they help a young fellow from their boarding school to find his parents, who abandoned him a few years earlier for an unknown reason... The graphic novel sits halfway between dystopian novel and psychological drama. It invites the reader to reflect on the finalities of some of the social changes that we witness today, such as the virtualization of human interaction, its increasing documentation, and its use for commercial purposes.

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