Old World 50, Vol. 1

"A thematic tribute to Harlan Ellison's "A Boy and his Dog". Old World 50 is a post-apocalyptic, atom-punk retro-futuristic comic series written and created by Martin Dunn, and features art by Co-Creator, Jeramy Hobbs, along with Colors by Aljoša Tomić, Letters by Taylor Espositio, and covers by Larry Watts. The series is set 90 years after "The Cloud", a nuclear disaster that destroyed all of modern society. The story begins on the east coast, in what was once known as Ocean City, Maryland where an Ashlander named Corbin Ellison stumbles upon a young man named Dean Miller. Corbin discovers that Dean has lived his entire life underground in a nuclear fallout shelter with his now dead parents, and a service robot named Kirbee. Dean reveals to Corbin that his father was a scientist before the war, and that he has been in contact with a place in Sacramento, California called "Eden". Corbin is forcefully tasked with escorting Dean across the country. Dean's mission is to deliver his father's research to Eden, so that they may begin rebuilding civilization.