OBSOLETE, Vol. 1: A Teacher's Tale (Of Tomorrow, Today!)

Black Mirror meets Dead Poets Society meets Nineteen Eighty-Four. OBSOLETE is a thrilling adventure set in the not so distant future, where technology is invisibly engrained in every aspect of life, even finding a home inside of us. Crime, Disease, and Poverty are all but extinct. Democracy is decided in real-time with lightning-fast ease. Holographic projections are at everyone's fingertips, swallowing them in in a world of constant entertainment and communication. There's just one problem: the kids are all becoming hyperactive, disconnected screen-addicts. The America Learns Initiative, a federal program under the Department of Restructure, has a solution: The Success Spheres! Championing the mantra, "Do nothing and learn!" this state of the art technology promises to save the failing school system, its students, and teachers, once and for all. After an unauthorized history lesson, Professor T is reassigned to one of the worst performing schools around. There, unlikely allies and hidden threats lead T to revelations about a conspiracy with sinister roots. What T discovers could threaten to overturn the ALI's Success Sphere program and the very foundations of society, itself.