Nexus: Space Opera

With the opening of Ylum to all refugees, a new threat emerges: the intolerance of the Elvonics, the religion that cannot coexist with others. Mighty Nexus, absorbed in the birth of his son Harry, cannot be everywhere at once and the defense of Ylum falls to Tyrone and his little band of plucky irregulars. Nexus' enemies choose this moment to launch an unfathomable attack on Harry, determined to erase the threat of any future Nexus. As Jil, Gladys, and Sundra battle vicious assassins, Nexus goes to the center of the Web to plead Ylum's case before the League of Planets. Old enemies and old friends appear. Space Opera also introduces a startling new character to the Nexus universe, one who is sure to become a regular. This self-contained series is an excellent introduction to the Nexus universe, and a fitting encore, for now.