Rod Espinosa's Eisner nominated epic fantasy series is told in a breathlessly imaginative style that piles wonder upon wonder, is poised to become a perennial favorite. The all-ages story is set in a future where magical creatures from legends and other worlds have come to live among humans who have abandoned technology for magic. In a world where Man has at long last learned to live and work in harmony with Nature, the citizens of Mathenia live a good life under their beloved Grand Duchess. Unknown to them, she is Nalyn, a commoner standing in for Nydia, the real Duchess. Doing Nydia's dirty work is tough enough, but then Nalyn is kidnapped by an enemy empire bent on bringing back the age of world-hurting technological excess. And once rescued, she must then lead her country to war. Featuring giant armies, airship battles, fantastical creatures, mecha driving dolphins, bat pilots, a strong female lead, this story takes the epic qualities of Lord of the Rings and mixes it with the style and sensibility of a studio Ghibli film. Antarctic Press is extremely proud to present Neotopia, a must read.