Nemhain #1

Nemhain Vol 1
In ancient times Gods and Goddesses walked the mortal realm in search of battle, glory and adoration. They revelled in their power and dominated the lands, becoming known by many names from many cultures. Only one thing remained constant; their raw power and ability to inspire change.
The Gods' time however was passing. Humanity grew ever stronger and moved away from their Deities. Many of the ancient gods fell into quiet slumber, waiting for a time when the world would have need of them again. Only one was left as guardian - Badbh, the Goddess of Death.
The world turned and humanity continued to grow in the Gods' absence. Badbh stood proud in her duty and watched quietly, never interfering in man's progress. That was until the day the world's balance was disrupted. The day the War God Neit awakened.
Seeing that Badbh had weakened from her long vigil and how corrupt man had become, Neit set about conquering the mortal realm. He would become the only true god and crush all beneath his will. He would see man cast into the underworld and the Earth burn for humanity's arrogance.
Badbh, knowing her power had grown weak, turned to the only one strong enough to oppose him. She awakens the Goddess Nemhain from her slumber, gifting her a mortal shell to once again walk the land of the living as its last hope to avert disaster....
Mythology Supernatural/Occult
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December 31 2014

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